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Capture the Values of Sunlight and Shadows in Pastel

Capture the Values of Sunlight and Shadows in Pastel

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Paint Vibrant Landscapes in Pastel
If you’re itching to try your hand at painting landscapes in pastel, this video is for you! Pastels are practically made for landscapes. Because pastels are so easy to layer and blend, you can get magnificent color results that rival anything you can find in nature, even from the controlled environment of your house or studio. Armed with these easy tools, learning how to draw and paint landscapes becomes a lot easier!

In this art lesson, experienced pastel artist Maggie Price demonstrates her favorite pastel painting techniques for creating beautiful sunlight and shadow in a landscape. You’ll learn how to use an underpainting “road map” of values and temperatures to lead you to an accomplished, beautiful artwork, strong in shadows and flooded with sunlight. Learn how to achieve different values using this versatile, fun medium, and follow along, step-by-step, as Maggie paints this warm, sunny landscape from an initial photo reference with layers of lush, rich color.

Maggie shows how you can take advantage of that ease and versatility to create the depth and value needed to make your landscapes look three-dimensional, capturing the brightness of sunlight on a path interrupted by the shadows of a tree.

Learn Great Pastel Painting Techniques
Preview Capture the Values of Sunlight and Shadow: Pastels now to watch as Maggie develops sun and shadow shapes within the foliage, rocks and grasses, giving the landscape painting depth and life. Then, head over to to get access to the full-length video, the materials list, reviews, and more to learn all about painting sunlight and shadow into landscapes in pastel. Want a copy of your own? You can download Sunlight and Shadow: Pastels from, pick up the DVD, or get the combo pack with Maggie’s book.

About Maggie Price
An experienced pastel artist and workshop instructor, Maggie Price was the co-founder, former editor and contributor to The Pastel Journal, writing articles for this and other publications. Maggie formally studied fine arts and attended many workshops with well-known artists. Maggie was an active member in numerous art societies and served as the President of the International Association of Pastel Societies.

We love learning new painting and drawing techniques, and what’s more, we love to share them with you! Check out these FREE art lessons for more on landscapes, flowers and more!

Watch the video: Painting Sunlight and Shadow with Pastels Essential Techniques for Brilliant Effects (August 2022).